Senvion Components

Further development of offshore wind turbine components with respect to costs, longevity and servicing convenience

Project leader:
Senvion GmbH, Hollesenstraße 15, 24768 Rendsburg, Germany (

Duration of the project:
03/2007 – 12/2012

Contract number of the project:

The project aims at the optimization of the wind energy converter (WEC) Senvion 5M regarding costs, longevity and simplicity of servicing. The advancements base on experiences gained with first prototype versions of this type installed. The innovative approaches used are seen as logical step in the further development, taking into account particularly the requirements of an offshore environment. Especially in view of the current developments and perspectives in this area, the efforts shall make sure that important steps towards a further development of the WEC technology are taken in good time.

The mechanical and electrical individual systems work across the system “wind energy plant” always jointly, so that backlashes occur in all directions. Due to the variety of interactions the system always has to be looked at and optimized as a whole. This holistic approach is followed also on the organizational level as the involvement of universities, non-university research institutes and industry players is a central implementation method.

The project is composed of several work packages that relate to the different WEC components and contribute to the overall outcome. They include (1) gearbox, (2) grid, (3) advanced controls, (4) SCADA, and (5) logistics. The selection of measures to deploy is driven by the pool of experience from operating the Senvion 5M as well as by the perspective of excellent opportunities that the offshore test field offers.

The results that Senvion expects from the project efforts are mainly contributions to cost reduction earnings increase and an improved availability rate of the offshore wind turbine.

Project partner:
RWTH Aachen, Universität Duisburg 

Main research questions

  • Can modern offshore turbines fulfil future grid requirements, which are comparable to conventional power plants?
  • Can new control methods reduce mechanical loads of the turbine resulting in lower material input without cutting down the energy yield?
  • Reaching a high level of transparency for offshore wind power plants by means of a new generation of SCADA system

Contacts and project partners

Senvion GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Martin Knops
Dr.-Ing. Jan Kruse
Albert-Betz-Straße 1
D-24783 Osterrönfeld
Tel.: + 49-4331-13 13 9647

RWTH Aachen University
Templergraben 55
D-52056 Aachen
Tel.: +49 241 80-1

University of Duisburg
Forsthausweg 2
D-47057 Duisburg
Tel.: + 49 203 379 - 0

Final report

You can find the final report (only available in German) here.