Organizing of the research collaboration at alpha ventus since 2007

The coordination project is the instrument to coordinate the whole RAVE initiative, to network all the single RAVE projects and to represent them. The overall objective is to provide the structure of a strong joint programme for the associated projects.

In order to use synergies and improve the quality of the results, a balanced concept was developed for the cooperation between the different projects in the test field.

Project leader:
Fraunhofer-Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES, D-27572 Bremerhaven

Duration of the projects:
RAVE I: 2007 - 04/2010
RAVE II: 05/2010 - 12/2012
RAVE III: 01/2013 - 01/2017
RAVE Reloaded: 02/2017 - 01/2020
Open RAVE: 02/2020 - 2025

Contract numbers of the projects:
RAVE I: 0327686
RAVE II: 0327686A
RAVE III: 0327686B
RAVE Reloaded: 0327686C
Open RAVE: 03EE3009B

Project goals

To achieve the overarching goal, the following work will take place:

  • Continuous organizational coordination: This is achieved through the RAVE steering committee. It includes the coordinaton of the different RAVE projects as well as RAVE internal services and is responsible for the overall project.
  • Nurturing of research: To further research employing the data gathered at alpha ventus, regular workshops are planned as a forum for researchers. The easy availability of documentation on the data is another step to make the use of RAVE data even more attractive.
  • Public relations: The RAVE homepage is maintained and participation in conferences, workshops and workgroups is planned where the RAVE initiative and data will be presented.


Bernhard Lange
Fraunhofer IWES

Final reports

You can find the final report on RAVE I (available in English) here.

You can find the final report on RAVE II (only available in German) here.

You can find the final report on RAVE III (only available in German) here.

You can find the final report on RAVE Reloaded (only available in German) here.