Application Oriented Wind Field Research and Measurements for Wind Turbines

ANWIND is a collaborative research project by the University of Stuttgart (SWE and IFR) and Senvion GmbH. Based on an interdisciplinary wind field investigation, the project is aimed at improving wind field understanding and developing new methods for turbine operation.

Project coordination:
Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) at Institute of Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart

Duration of the project:
01/2016 – 09/2020

Contract number of the project:

Key aspects

  • Improvement of wind field understanding
  • Development of new measuring systems and methods
  • Optimization of turbine operation through new control algorithms


The origin of ANWIND lies in the continuously increasing rotor diameters of newly installed wind turbines and the resulting load increase under non-uniform wind flow conditions. Cross winds and shear particularly impact these plants, which necessitates intensive research into innovative technologies for wind analysis as well as an up-to-date investigation into new control strategies.


Through a fundamental theoretical investigation into the wind field, application specific models are developed that allow an improved representation of wind field characteristics and dynamics. The models are afterwards verified in three measuring campaigns integrated into the project.

Parallelly, innovative measuring systems and methods are developed. By designing and testing a nacelle based lidar sensor system and novel UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) sensor networks, the wind field in front of the turbine is captured at high resolution both spatially and temporally. This enables preventive turbine controls and detailed analyses of turbine sites. Fiber optical sensors are utilized to measure rotor blade deflection and capture the wind field within the rotor area. The combined results from all employed measuring systems allow for in-depth comparisons and analyses of the connection between wind field and turbine reaction.

Based on thorough evaluations of the gathered data, the correlation between wind conditions and variances in plant specific parameters, like noise emissions or a plant’s power curve, is investigated.

Furthermore, the high-resolution measuring systems and extensive measuring campaigns of the ANWIND project, provide a foundation for the development and testing of diverse control and pilot control concepts. By utilizing newly developed measuring sensors, the operational management of wind turbines can be optimized.  


Work packages (WP)

ANWIND work package overview  (blue: carried out by the University of Stuttgart, green: carried out by Senvion GmbH) © SWE – University of Stuttgart
ANWIND work package overview (blue: carried out by the University of Stuttgart, green: carried out by Senvion GmbH) © SWE – University of Stuttgart


Contact and partners

University of Stuttgart

Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) at Institute of Aircraft Design
Prof. Dr. Po Wen Cheng
Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
  +49 711 / 685-68258


Flight Mechanics and Controls Lab (IFR)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Fichter
Pfaffenwaldring 27
70569 Stuttgart
  +49 711 / 685-67060


Senvion GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Jan Kruse
Überseering 10
22297 Hamburg
  +49 40 / 5555 090-3009


Final report

You can find the final report (only available in German) here.


Here you can find an interesting presentation about the project "ANWIND" in our RAVE Workshop 2020:

RAVE Workshop 2020 / presentation 4

(only available in German) "Entwicklung eines robusten Forschungslidarscanners im Projekt ANWIND"/ Holger Fürst